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45min2019 SEP 19
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Stacey Peterson hadn't planned to become an author, but then again, she hadn't planned to be diagnosed with ovarian cancer 1a at the age of 28, while in her second trimester with her daughter. After having an initial surgery to remove the fast growing tumor, she had her daughter a few weeks early and then started chemotherapy. That was 11 years ago and Stacey has shared her cancer journey not only with fellow survivors, but penned a book for kids to understand what's going on for the cancer patient. Her goal was to help turn a nightmare into a chance to serve the Lord and give back. Her two books help patients, caregivers, and children make sense of a difficult time. You can find Stacey at her website and on Facebook. For those wnating the check list about ovarian cancer symptoms we discussed on the show, please click here. For more information about signs & symptoms, resources, or support groups, check out NOCC, OCRF, and Ovary Act.

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