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31min2022 APR 28
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WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/REBECCALMAHAN AND REBECCA SOUNDS REVEILLE YOUTUBE CHANNEL & MOST ALL PODCAST APPS Rebecca talks with Dee Wallace who is a leading figure in entertainment. She is internationally known for five series and roles as Mary in the famous film E.T., Karen White in THE HOWLING, and Helen Brown in CRITTERS. She amassed at least 265 credits to her name. The Nix is one of nine films in pre/post-production, including Outlaw Land, Birthday Boyfriend, Legends of Catclaw Mountain, and The Nix. Dee is a best-selling author known for Born and BuppaLaPaloo & the I LOVE MEs. For over 30 years, she has been a multi-nationally respected authority on the art of self-creation. She is the show host of a weekly call-in radio show with over 500 episodes. Dee also offers monthly webinars and private sessions globally. In her upcoming release, BORN, Dee expands the concepts of the Law of Attraction. BORN delves into claiming your desires, neutrality, directing energy, and more. She shows how sp...

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