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31min2022 APR 21
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Mike offers tips and thoughts for running Chapter 2 of Wild Beyond the Witchlight! Contents 00:00 Show Intro 00:37 Four Tips for Witchlight Chapter 2 01:01 Tip 1: Reinforce the Theme of Whimsy and Wonder 02:19 Tip 2: Reinforce the Characters' Goals 04:34 Tip 3: Solidify the Chapter's Main Required Progression Key: Clapperclaw 05:42 Tip 4: Limit Agdon Longscarf's Multi-attack 07:48 Witchlight Runs Great On It's Own 09:01 Injecting Dreadful Incursions from Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft 14:29 Reinforce the Rules of Conduct 15:46 Manage Your Upward and Downward Beats 19:24 Make Telemy Hill Dangerous 20:19 Fall in Love with the Soggy Court 22:56 Lots of Options for Bavlorna and her Cottage 25:08 Choose Where you Put the Unicorn Horn 25:51 Add a Vendor 27:14 Fill Out Empty Locations As Desired 28:07 Be Careful While Leveling Slowly 29:33 Foreshadow the League of Malevolence 30:14 Show The Maps Links Subscribe to the Sly Flourish Newsletter Support Sly Flourish on Patreon Buy Sly Flourish Books Witchlight Video Playlist

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