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Recruiting Future with Matt Alder
26 minAPR 10
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Scaling Up


I've always found it fascinating to study high growth companies and start-ups that are seriously scaling up. Things move at a million miles an hour, and some serious lessons can be learned about culture, skills development, talent management and talent acquisition. My guest this week is Sandy Scholes, Chief People Officer at Flipp, a fast-growth retail technology company based out of Toronto. Toronto is a highly competitive talent market, and Sandy has some very valuable insights to share on acquiring and retaining the right talent for a scale-up business. In the interview, we discuss: The people challenges at Flipp How do you build a culture? How the pandemic has changed Flipp's approach to employee experience Ensuring the right skills are in the business. How to stand out and attract talent in a tough market Raising the bar on recruiting. Career Journeys Listen to this podcast in Apple Podcasts. Sign up for the live Recruiting Future event