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Keep It Real With Khadija Podcast
55 min2020 JUN 1
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Scarlett Horton BBC Apprentice Finalist And Lord Sugars Biz Partner


Despite placing as runner-up on the 2019 series of The Apprentice, Scarlett Allen-Horton’s business acumen landed her a business deal with Lord Sugar, who acquired a huge stake in Scarlett’s company, Harper Fox Global, a specialist recruitment firm dealing with executive-level talent.

In this week’s show, Scarlett joins Khadija to discuss her experiences on the show, the motivations and inspirations that keep her going, and what life has been like since leaving the show!

It’s far more important to be true to yourself than pretend to be someone else. Even qualities we think of as negative can be seen as strengths and assets.
It’s important to consider our professional reputation, especially having taken part in something so high profile as The Apprentice. The image we project can play a part in people’s opinions for years to come.
The most successful of entrepreneurs, haven’t necessarily achieved anything extraordinary to attain financial freedom. They’ve simply adopted the correct perspective on work and perseverance.
Priorities in life and business are essential. Without them we can easily lose sight of the “why” in favour of chasing down more. Work out your “why”, and see that it always remains your driving force.
Freedom comes from realising the importance of creating a sustainable business that can live and breathe without you. If you’re the key to why your business works, then you’ll never be free.


‘I knew that if I was going to do this, I was going to give it my all’

’The last thing I wanted to do was to come out of that and lose credibility’

‘I worked so hard, because I really had no other choice’

‘As long as you have your “why” at the forefront, then everything else will come'


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