Selador Sessions
1h 1min2022 APR 22
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Our Boy Luke Brancaccio returns fro another instalment of the Selador Sessions. a firm label favourite, he is always welcome with us, and always very popular with you too! He has been a busy boy with releases coming on Renaissance, Bedrock and with his new remix (made with Gai Barone) of the new Anthony Pappa & Jamie Stevens track - Hold You Back, thats just released on Selador thats causing a real fuss! Enjoy! Tracklist! 1. Marino Canal ‘Nostalgia’ 2. Jasper Tygner ‘Blush’ Silver Bear Records 3. Oliver Henry ‘Closer’ Apex Faction 4. Nolan ‘Hang Back’ Renaissance 5. Mollono Bass ‘Furaha Ya Kucheza’ (Monkey Safari Remix) 6. Max James ‘Footprints’ Another Tecord Label 7. Catz & Dogz ‘Butterflies’ 8. Legato ‘Nothing Left To Say’ ( Remix) 9. Radio Head ‘Nude’ (Fauxplay Booty) White 10. Anthony Pappa & Jamie Stevens ‘Hold You Back’ (Luke Brancaccio & Gai Barone Remix) 11. Paperclip People ‘Throw’

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