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E-Commerce Expander Secrets
1 min2020 OCT 30
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Seller Fulfilled Prime Orders Limit | Global E-Commerce Experts - E-Commerce Corner


It's an E-Commerce Content Corner today, and Andy is talking about the new daily Prime order limit to help protect you from the busy Q4 period.

With key Q4 dates, such as Black Friday and Christmas just around the corner, Amazon are recommending setting a daily Prime order limit on your account in order to protect you against a sudden increase in Prime orders that you cannot reliably ship to customers.

This limit applies to your Seller Fulfilled Prime ASINs. You can log into the Prime Order Limit Tool and set your own limit before the 13th November, but if no limit is set, one will be set for you starting the 16th November estimated using historical sales data from your account. (note that is could potentially be lower than you'd like and can realistically cater to.)

If you wish to edit your limit, you may do so at any time using the Prime Order Limit Feature. We advise that you set a reasonable limit that your business can cope with.

Once the daily Prime order limit is reached, the Prime badge will be temporarily removed from your Seller Fulfilled Prime ASINs until after the cut-off time of that shipping day, when the Prime badge will be reinstated.

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