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Salut les Bronzés RIG 90.7
235 min2017 AUG 18
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SLB 2017 n°3 Spécial Elvis Presley - 40 ans


Salut les Bronzés 2017 n°3, l’émission musicale estivale, spéciale Elvis Presley, 40 ans.
set list
Elvis PresleyBurning love
Elvis PresleyLong tall Sally
Elvis PresleyWay down
Elvis PresleyLittle less conversation
Jerry Lee LewisWhole lotta shakin' goin' on
François perusse2 minutes du peuple
Bruce Springsteen Viva Las Vegas
Elvis PresleyDon't
Elvis PresleyDon't cry daddy
Elvis PresleyThe girl of my best friend
Joe Potatoes & les DoryphoresRubberneckin'
François perusse2 minutes du peuple
Paul McCartneyLong tall Sally (live)
Elvis PresleyHey Jude
Elvis PresleyTrouble / Guitar man
Elvis PresleySuspicious mind
françois perusse2 minutes du peuple
Elvis PresleyGentle on my mind
Elvis PresleyI was born about ten thousand years ago
Elvis PresleyTrue love travels on a gravel road
Elvis PresleyLove letters
Elvis PresleyDon't think twice it's alright
Elvis PresleyEarly mornin' rain
Elvis PresleyKentucky rain
Elvis Presley(Now and then there's) a fool such as I
François perusse2 minutes du peuple
Elvis Presleyand the grass won't pay no mind
Arthur "big boy" CrudupThat's alright (mama)
Elvis PresleyThat's alright (mama)
Johnny HallydaySit & cry over you
Elvis PresleyThe last farewell
François perusse2 minutes du peuple
Elvis PresleyAmazing grace
John LennonRip it up/Ready Teddy
Eddy MitchellEt la voix d'Elvis
Elvis PresleySeparate ways
Jeff Healey BandDown in the alley
Elvis PresleySanta Claus is back to town
François perusse2 minutes du peuple
Elvis PresleyI've got a thing about you baby
Elvis PresleyA mess of blues
Elvis PresleyFame and fortune
Johnny HallydayBlue suede shoes
Elvis Presley(There'll be) peace in the valley (for me)
Elvis PresleyI want you, I need you, I love you
Elvis PresleyIf I can dream