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Stephan Livera Podcast
58 minMAR 17
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SLP260 Luke Dashjr How Bitcoin UASF Went Down, Taproot LOT=True, Speedy Trial, Small Blocks


Luke Dashjr, long time Bitcoin Core contributor joins me on the show to discuss his views on how UASF went down in 2017. We talk through the various trade offs and points around Taproot activation and why he believes that LOT = True maximally reduces the risks. We chat: Luke’s background BIP91, BIP148 Miner signalling Chainsplits Average user and code review Speedy Trial Small blocks Luke links: Twitter: @LukeDashjr Mastodon: @LukeDashjr Email: luke@dashjr.org Relevant prior episodes: SLP257 Matt Corallo – Bitcoin Soft Fork Activation, Taproot, and Playing Chicken SLP137 AJ Towns – Schnorr Taproot Tapscript BIPs SLP200 Christian Decker – ANYPREVOUT, MPP, Mitigating LN Attacks Sponsors: Swan Bitcoin Unchained Capital(code LIVERA) CompassMining.io Hodl Hodl Lend CypherSafe CoinKite.com (code LIVERA) Stephan Livera links: Show notes and website Follow me on twitter @stephanlivera Subscribe to the podcast Patreon@stephanlivera