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Self Sufficiency With Chris and Steve
104 minMAR 11
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So You Got Your Tax/Stimulus Check. Now What?


In this episode we discuss taxes, stimulus checks, and ways you can use that money to increase your self sufficiency and save money in doing so. We discuss generators, solar panels, windmills, inverters and different ways to implement them into your property. We also discuss heating your home with wood, water catchment, and some other ways you be more self sufficient and save money in doing so. Too many times I've heard people I worked with over the years talk about how they got a brand new flat screen TV for taxes and then bitch and moan about electric bills, water bills, oh no the power went out and all my food went bad, and other very preventable situations. We can't control tornado that wrecks our community, but we can put ourselves in a position to where we can go about our day to day lives with minimal loss of comfort if some sort of disaster happens. As I write this, there is so much snow falling outside you can't hardly see. We fully expect to lose power tonight. I have wood for the wood stove, a propane cook stove, propane lanterns, candles, flashlights, water stored in old milk jugs, a 24,000 mAh solar powered battery bank that will recharge my families phones 6 times over, and 40 gallons of reserve gasoline for equipment and vehicles. My family will be comfortable regardless of what happens. I hope you have done the same.


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