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KrickCast Presents The Definitive
74 min2020 OCT 18
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Something Kricked This Way Comes: Part 1


As promised, the brisk winds of October are sweeping past, but carrying holiday delight along with them. This is the first of three episodes on Ray Bradbury's novel Something Wicked This Way Comes (1962). In this episode, we dive right into discussing all the elements we liked -- the characters, the feel, the prose, Charles Halloway, and the spooky thrill of hovering threat. Brick waxes eloquent about nostalgia, while Kathryn struggles to say anything beyond, "I love this book." We both love this book. Note: Because it is us, we also spent about fifty minutes arguing about the book's conception of the way in which evil functions ... Our editor declared, "Enough! This is already long enough!" and excised that section. The recording, however, does still exist and may make an appearance at some point if there is enough popular (or unpopular) demand.