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KrickCast Presents The Definitive
65 min2020 NOV 1
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Something Kricked This Way Comes Part 3


Welcome to the final episode on Ray Bradbury’s novel Something Wicked This Way Comes (1962). Due to unavoidable and unpredictable life circumstances, our plan for recording and editing this episode on time to get it out for Halloween was ... not possible. But, emergencies happen, you deal with them, and then you make a new plan. enter ... Krickcast Undead! It's not quite a live episode, because we did record it and add our intro/outro ... but it is otherwise Just Like Live. No edits. All rambles. In this episode, we wrap up our reactions to the book and discuss what we saw as the unifying weave of the novel. Brick manages to bring in Flannery O'Connor, while Kathryn mumbles, again, about how much she likes the book.