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--FEB 16
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Sr Pelo


Author Comments There aren't many entertainers as friendly, approachable and effortlessly hilarious as@SrPelo. There, I said it. The Mexican animator and voice actor has amassed a cool four million subscribers on the YouTubes, BUT! He'll be the first to say it's not about that. It's literally just about making people laugh and having fun. He's got content of all kinds, from colorful and polished (Spooky Month) to total shitpost fever dream (Mokey Show, X Is...). He streams sometimes too, although not as much as I thought, apparently. @VoicesByCoreyand I (@Will) got to chat with Pelo on Thursday night, 2/11. I gotta say that the crowd listening live that night washuge, and also super supportive, props to the guy's fanbase for being amazing. After talking a bit about sports or whatever, we got into the origin of his style, his inspirations, his characters, his involvement with Friday Night Funkin, and what it's like to voice Mokey. We also touched on the Twitter weirdness he found himself wrapped up in with Egoraptor back in 2019, and while he didn't have to say anything about it with us, he actually talked us through the whole thing and gave us an amazing look into what it was like from his perspective. We closed it out with some questions from the chat, and he even stayed in our public voice channel for a bit afterwards and hung out with the crowd. 10/10, five stars, would do again. Links: Sr Pelo's YouTube https://www.youtube.com/c/SrPelo 21st Century Humor (21stHumor) https://twitter.com/21sthumor?lang=en Animator@Bassetfilms(shoutout at like 12:45ish) https://bassetfilms.newgrounds.com/ Playlist: Mokey's Show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SycKxD1k1AA&list=PLlgnRq26EmwL4OL7Q4V09C5oTWMSp-Sck&ab_channel=SrPelo toad sings chandelier (not celine dion oops) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDwVkXVHIqg&ab_channel=melancholiaah SWIPER NO SWIPEY (Meatcanyon's Dora parody with Pelo) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkFNW4w4luY&ab_channel=MeatCanyon ~ ~ ~ BIG THANK YOU TO THE PATRONS:@TomFulp@plufmot,@zj,@Boozel,Charissa Patreon Want to support the show? We are launching a Patreon! The money collected there will be used to pay for content in the show, host more events, pay artists for promo art, and more. Our goal is to elevate the whole community. https://www.patreon.com/ngpodcast Theme Music Waterflame--Gabberfly- FOLLOW ON NG|FOLLOW ON TWITTER @TheNGPodcast|JOIN THE DISCORD