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Health Matters with Rosie Bank
26 min2018 JUN 25
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Starting a Plant Based Diet with Dr Debra – Podcast #19


#19 Starting a Plant Based Diet
Interview with Dr. Debra Shapiro

Join Rosie Bank and her guest, Dr. Debra Shapiro as they discuss how to live longer, what to eat to prevent chronic disease, and even how to use whole plants in your diet to treat and even reverse chronic disease. They even discuss the controversies that are alive and well in the nutrition arena, even among experts.

Dr. Debra has some fascinating remarks on the obstacles you may encounter as you eliminate junk, processed food, and unhealthy animal products from your diet. Change your habits ... and improve your gut, your diet, your outlook toward food, and your ability to provide your body with optimal nutrition.

Dr. Shapiro is a Board Certified OB-GYN and certified health coach, as well as vegan lifestyle coach and educator. She had a busy private ob-gyn practice for 23 years before becoming a coach. She has been vegan for 6 years and has been studying plant based nutrition for that entire time, as well. She is a graduate of the e.Cornell course in Plant Based Nutrition by the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies. Dr. Debra currently works part time as a gynecologist and has started to coach privately. Her business is called "A New View of Food".

Your body will love you back for listening to and then taking action as these two passionate health coaches talk about what is best for you to feel fantastic. Learn why a plant based diet is your best friend on your road to wellness.

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