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1h 0min2016 MAY 26
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How Busy Professionals Can StayCool, Calm and Connected this Summer Our guest this week, Cassandra Herbert knowsmaintaining optimal health is the key to your wealth.For the busy professional this can be a challenging and is often the last thing one thinks about.In this interview, Cassandrawill discuss what Traditional Chinese Medicine has to say about summer and give you simple strategies you can start today to achieve optimal health and wellness. Cassandra serves as aholistic nurse psychotherapist, wellness educator, nutrition coach, speaker,author andCEO of Zest and Harmony Counseling and Coaching. Zest and Harmony Counseling and Coachingsupports The Busy Professional, On The Go Woman who secretly feels overwhelmedand fatigued shift to feeling healthy, happy, energized and at ease in all areas of her life.What makes her work unique is she blends her experience as a holistic nurse, psychotherapist, wellness and healthy eating coach and has developed an eightpart holistic system that shows the Real-Life Superwoman how to nourish all areas of her life because Harmony is truly the new sexy! So tune in and learn how you can increase your wealth byachievingoptimal health...

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