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Optimise Your Body with Martin Silva
64 min2020 MAR 24
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Staying lean and healthy during self isolation


I am joined by good friend and fitness expert- Andrew Bond. We give you some key tips to help you stay shape physically and mentally during self isolation.DURING THIS EPISODE WE TALK ABOUT:The impact the corona virus has had on the cities we live in. (Sydney and New York City) The methods that we use to take care of our mental health and manage stressThe proven scientific methods which help improve brain healthWhy this is a great opportunity to work on your personal developmentHow to build muscle and lose body fat at home using minimal equipmentWorking on your weak exercises using your own bodyweight for maximum resultsWhy resistance bands are so effective for muscle growthKey Nutrition tips to prevent mindless eating during self isolationStrategies to help you increase your daily activity and calorie output during self isolationGet your free recipe books HERE.Get your free training and nutrition guides HERE.RATINGS & REVIEWSIf you liked this episode then please head over to iTunes to give this podcast a rating and review, this is the best way for this podcast to reach more people. Also please share this podcast link to any friends or family who you think will benefit from this podcast.WHERE ELSE CAN I LISTEN TO THIS PODCASTCurrently, you can listen to this podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher or Castbox.