Backroom Politics
1h 54min2018 FEB 7
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THIS WEEK ON BACKROOM POLITICS... As the Stock Market continues its wild ride, should America be worried about the economic future? Is this the end of the TRUMP BUMP for the economy? What happens in a post-Janet Yellin Fed? A just as wild ride is happening on Capitol Hill as The House Intel Committee releases a memo...against the advise of the FBI and Department of Justice... a memo which the President claims vindicates him in the Russia Special Counsel Probe. Of course, not to be outdone...THE DEMS on the House Intel Committee release THEIR OWN MEMO (of course). Does this set a dangerous precedent? Is there information contained in these memos that could harm national security if made public? And of course, our recap of the President's first State of the Union Address...all of this and more on THE BEST POLITICAL TALK SHOW YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF...BACKROOM POLITICS!

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