Stoic History
6min2018 OCT 2
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I started this podcast to explore two areas of interetst to me Stoic philosophy and history. Stoicism has been around for 2000 years and its principles have had an impact on Stoicism. This podcast will explore the places, figures and events shaped by Stoicism. Stoicism started with an individual named Zeno of Citium. Zeno around 300 BC was shipwrecked and ended up in Athens Greece. He happened on a booksellers shop and became interested in philosophy. When he asked the bookseller where philosphers were to be found, a philosopher named Crates walked by. The bookseller said " Follow Yonder man". Zeno became the student of Crates and through the study of philosophy developed the school of Stoicism. When you read about Zeno, you read Zeno of Citium. But where is Citiium? We find out in this episode.