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Spapreneur Podcast
31 minMAR 17
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Stop Being Terrified of your Numbers


On today's episode on the Spapreneur Podcast, Tracey Bissett is our guest co-host today. Topics Covered The emotions of money It's your job to be accountable for your numbers. The cost of service goes up at different times. Have enough cash flow to manage your business Cash flow is different than revenue. Have to be a financial detective Pricing is important Money memory from childhood Value-based Clients vs. Service-Based Clients Your bookkeeper can't read your mind. Resources Mentioned https://www.bissettfinancialfitness.com/ (Tracey's Website ) https://www.bissettfinancialfitness.com/category/podcast/student-podcasts/ (Young Money Podcast) https://bizpeace.com/ (Financial Foundation to Entrepreneurial Peace Training ) https://www.facebook.com/groups/spapreneur (Spapreneur Facebook Group)