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Candid Convos with Coach Kerri
61 min2014 JUN 26
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Summer Series 2014 - Interview: Between Women Web Series Creators


Coach Kerri's "Summer Series 2014" launches TODAY with a brand new radio show featuring the creators of Between Women, the #1 LGBTQI web series on YouTube.

Between Women is the brainchild of Christina Brown and Michelle Daniels. Between Women is the top LGBTQI web series online. The hit series is SUPER excited to now bring you a feature film!

In 2009, Michelle Daniel decided she wanted a story to be heard. Within days a casting call was put out and Christina Brown, who had just graduated from Georgia State University and went to NYFA in LA was called to be the director of the web series.

Michelle Daniel and Christina Brown are the modern day Lucy and Ethel, best friends and partners in crime and business, through it all, always ending up in the most ODD situations! A mixture of crazy chaos and lovable charisma, these two chicks will keep you laughing and shaking your head with their schemes, conversations, fights, and triumphs through business, life, and love. Michelle and Christina together run Tag Team Studios, a film and photography company that they started from home to make a career in the world of film and television and touch people’s lives through inspiration along the way!

Tune in tonight as we hear all about what Michelle and Christina have been up to and what to expect from Between Women in the future!

Check out their Kickstarter fundraiser campaign for Between Women TV Movie:https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/michelledaniel/between-women-the-movie