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19 min2019 DEC 9
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Surfing Lesson #361: Unconditional Love For the Ocean


With many people who you think you love, you’re only fooling yourself.

WHAT you really love is the thought, the idea, the hope that they will change into the person that you would love.

WHO you really love is a bullshit projection of a person who you believe will one day conform to your imprisoning belief system and judgments.

It is merely a fantasy, a lie to both yourself and them...aka, "CONDITIONAL" LOVE.

I know, I know....this sounds like some crazy shit. And if it does, then YOU are ESPECIALLY one of those ️ people.

I know because I was the prime example of loving Luci for the person for I hope she would one day be. And when it would get hopeless, as it would often get, I would literally PRAY for God to change her ‍️.

Same with my children.

I mean, I look back now and see how self righteous and egotistical and ASSHOLE'ISH I was, but during all of those years stacked upon years of "love", I literally thought I was the most loving and compassionate husband and father around.

Is your love for your bride today conditional? Or is it truly LOVE, unconditional and unrestrained?