Talking Terror
1h 59min2019 AUG 29
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On this episode of Talking Terror, the Demonic Doctor Dave has disappeared (for this episode any way) but not after subjecting your horror hoststo his terrifying rounds of experimentation! You see, the Doc has it in his head that we can all see into the afterlfe, if only he stops the hearts of your favorite podcasters! I mean, what can go wrong, he made sure to charge up the defribillation paddles...or did he? So, while the boys wait their turn on the gurney, they'll discuss the Mad Monkey's film pick of the week; "Flatliners" from 1990 and directed by Joel Schumacher. Wait a second, another Schumacher and Keifer Sutherland collaboration? You better believe it muchachos! You can never have enough sub text or Keifer Sutherland being the coolest guy in the room for just one episode! Also, is that Julia Roberts AND Kevin Bacon? Wow! So listen in, check on your pulse and stay scared people, stay scared.

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