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Tapping Q & A - Getting the most out of tapping and EFT
15 min2020 NOV 11
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Tapping to make the choices we want


When working with my clients, I have found that people who are interested in personal development also usually take the choices they make seriously.

They want to make sure the choices they are making line up with the vision that they have for the person they would like to be. As a general rule this is a good and useful approach to making choices.

The problem comes when they feel like they have to justify every choice they make AND if they don't have a clear justification for the choice, then it feels as if they are choosing poorly.

Sometimes we want to make a choice just because we want to make that choice. Not because it lines up with some higher purpose. Today we are going to tap to give ourselves permission just to make a particular choice because we want to and being OK with not having to justify that choice.

You can find the full tapping script of this audio as a pdf over at Tapping Q and A Podcast Scripts and Transcripts.

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