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The Catalyst John Show: Entrepreneurs Wanted.
17 min2015 JAN 15
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The 7 Steps to Creating a Roadmap to Success


I was honored to have the opportunity to be a guest on the Conscious Millionaire Podcast with my friend JV Crum III. As a thank you for taking time to listen to the interview, I have recorded my 7 Steps to Creating a Roadmap to Success to help you have the most amazing year ever.The 7 Steps to Creating a Roadmap to Success!Step 1: Find your purpose.Step 2: Determine your destination (the end result).Step 3: Define success (your mission objective).Step 4: Reverse engineer the tasks to accomplish your definition of success.Step 5: Schedule each task (target).Step 6: Take the first step and create momentum.Step 7: Stay focused on the mission by reading your definition of success and your next tasks / objectives daily.Click the play button to hear an audio recording as I explain how to accomplish each of these seven steps.- Catalyst John