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Cunnington Shift
36 min2013 APR 25
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The cost of over-thinking


In the past few weeks, I have received so many thoughtful, insightful emails from you about how your over-thinking has become a barrier in your life. When we over-think, we pay a price. We miss out on: • Trusting ourselves• Being present and in the moment• Having deeper connections with others• The richness of lifeIn fact, when I did a Google image search, I was amazed at the number of available quotes and images about the implications of over-thinking:You might be saying, "Yeah. Yeah. I get it. So what's next? What can I do about it?" Today, I am featuring an interview with my own coach and mentor, Barb Patterson, on this subject specifically...just for you. In this interview with Barb, you will hear:• Why a CEO of an investment firm doesn't think about the many companies he or she owns• How Barb over-thought a situation to try to control the outcome• How our moments of brilliance never come from over-thinking• What's on offer to us when we have a quiet mind.To hear Barb's interview, click below!