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28min2022 APR 21
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Philip Blows is passionate about improving the world's financial health, having spent the last 15 years building and scaling Fintechs. Philip is the author of a book helping people gain financial freedom - The Money Triangle. Top 3 Value Bombs: 1. Crypto 2.0 is crypto hitting the mainstream. It’s becoming much more than just a speculative asset. It’s becoming something that people can build into a portfolio and help them achieve long term financial objective. 2. Decentralized finance is a mirror of the traditional world of financing, but brought into small contracts, removing loads of friction, making it more efficient overall. 3. Focus and plan. Find the one activity that will get you closest to your goal, block out everything else. Focus on what really matters. Download AQRU in Playstore or in the App store - AQRU.io Sponsors: HubSpot: Learn how to grow better by connecting your people, your customers, and your business at HubSpot.com! Conversion Fanatics: If you’re generating ...

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