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1h 1min2021 MAY 27
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Join your favorite intuitiveenergy reader Liz Ortiz and your favorite intuitive numerologist Alyssa Banguilanas they bring in wisdom from the other side, specifically from Alyssa's dear spiritual mentor, Lois Grant.Lois's big teaching now is to remind us all that Love Originates In Self. Liz and Alyssa are ambassadors to this teaching. They are excited to share this message and to help others elevate their consciousness so we can all move forward in our healing and our spiritual growth. Liz and Alyssa will be taking calls for readings as they have their conversation. You can also email Liz and Alyssa at LOAblend@gmail.com. Please include your name and birthdate with your question. Please note that all questions will be read on air, so be mindful of what you want them to read out loud. Private readings are also available with either Liz or Alyssa, just email them for more information. facebook.com/universalenergyradio

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