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KrickCast Presents The Definitive
45 minJAN 23
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The Long Patrol (S2E3 of The Gatehouse: A Redwall Podcast)


Season Two of The Gatehouse rambles on with the fourteenth Redwall book, The Long Patrol.  Join us for a dive into Brian Jacques' novel that is totally all about World War I: mud, trenches, mechanization, shell shock, and other fun fare for a kids' book about talking animals.  Kathryn posits that War itself is this book's Big Bad (better than Damug Wotsifang).  Brick contends that Tammo's character admits insight into trauma in a way we haven't seen from Salamandastron hares.  Jacques finally runs out of vermin species, and the best thing he can make up for an antagonist is "well, it's a rat, but, like ... bigger."  Cregga gets a stan and Russa gets a fan.  Kathryn tries to define authorial intent, and Brick gripes about a riddle that is terrible, even by Redwall standards.  Lots happening in this episode, so hop into your favorite overstuffed armchair and join your hosts on a march through The Long Patrol.