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The Man of Screen Podcast
55 min2020 JUN 23
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The Man of Screen Podcast Episode 160 - Ruby Spears' Superman: The Last Time I Saw Earth/Graduation.


In episode 160 of the Man of Screen Podcast Mike Zummo will conclude his coverage of the Ruby Spears Superman series with only one half hour of television. And since there’s only one episode, Mike has decided to bring a guest along.
Enter: Patrick Delmore of The Next Generation’s First Generation podcast.
First, they’ll talk Patrick’s Introduction to the show and then we’ll have a space mission. And we’ll have an alien bounty hunter named Starock, and we’re going to have all kind of space adventures.
We’re going to see Superman befriend a young kid busybody on this alien planet. We’re going to see the DC Universe version of a Star Wars cantina and we’re going to have an astronaut hit on Lois.
We need to be careful or it might be “The Last Time I Saw Earth”.
And then we’re going to finish off this coverage with the first time Superman appeared in Metropolis, Clark Kent getting a job at the Daily Planet and everything you would expect from a Superman origin story in about 4 minutes.
“It’s Superman”.
Next time: The show shifts entirely toward the Salkind-produced Superboy show full time with “The Invisible People” and “Kryptonite Kills”.