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The Man of Screen Podcast
60 min2020 JUN 30
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The Man of Screen Podcast Episode 161 - Superboy: The Invisible People/Kryptonite Kills


In episode 161 of the Man of Screen podcast, Mike Zummo begins the podcasts run as completely dedicated to the Superboy television show with two more episodes of Season 1.
First, were going to the beach where Lana Lang is writing a paper for one of her classes on the plight of the homeless. Nope, its on the surfers, but on the homeless. And theyre camped out on the beach in front of a ritzy beach club that happens to be for sale.
Come see this show try to be topical, and make a serious issue into something a superhero can tackle in 22 minutes. Come meet the cartoony villain and the drifter advocate who is fighting for their rights.
Squint your eyes and check see if you can find “The Invisible People”.
Now, were going to get another episodes written by the comics professionals Mike Carlin and Andy Helfer are back and theyre going introduce that special rock in Superboys life. But it might also be the special rock in the life of Lex Luthors blonde girlfriend.
And if the sight of TJ White in his bath towel isnt enough to blind you, then be sure “Kryptonite Kills”.
Next time: Buckle up for the shows first two-part episode, “Revenge of the Alien” Parts 1 and 2.