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Opera Box Score
1 min2020 OCT 21
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The OBS on TDO!


Starting tonight, Wednesday, October 21st, Opera Box Score is joining The Dallas Opera Network. OBS? TDO? WTF? Alright, TDO Network brings a mixture of programming that educates, questions, and furthers classical music and the power of opera. With a diverse group of content creators from the opera industry, each series uniquely engages with its community in ways that go further than the just the typical live performance experience.

What does that mean for you? Here’s how it works. Team OBS tapes a video - yes, video - version of the show that is released exclusively on The Dallas Opera Network on Wednesdays at 9 pm CT. A podcast version of the same show can be found on Fridays wherever you get your pods, and a terrestrial radio version is broadcast on WNUR 89.3 FM Chicago on Monday nights.

Now, don’t panic. You still get exclusive interviews with opera artists, insights into the opera art form and all your opera headlines with our team’s hot takes, plus a healthy dose of sports talk and fifth grade humor.

So, you get three chances to hear the OBS during the week, each week, every week. Hey, the show called America’s Talk Radio Show About Opera for a reason. Then again, George has been told he has a face for radio for a reason, too.

It all starts tonight, Wednesday, October 21st, on TDO Network at 9 pm CT. All the OBS team will be there, and hope you will too.

Visit dallasopera.org/tdo_network_episodes/ to check it out.