Success in Accounting
8min2022 APR 23
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BONUS: a short bonus episode in a new series to help accountants price better and win more business - "The Price Is Right Part 4 - Justifying Your Value." In these bonus episodes, we focus on upskilling the accountants, bookkeepers, CPAs and commercially focused fintech vendors to better handle key challenges in their professional role like client service, closing deals, negotiating, pricing, hiring, reputation and differentiation. Key takeaways from this episode include: 》the two benefits for accountants of listening to this podcast about pricing 》why recognising value and self worth is difficult for most accounting professionals 》the problems accountants have in justifying their prices or their fee increases 》what makes charging premium fees hard for accountants if they haven't done it before 》why clients really don't care about how much time their accountant or CPA takes to do a job for them 》recognising that price only becomes an objection for clients when they don't see t...

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