Mysterious Universe
1h 12min2022 APR 22
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Why is it that some people seem to be more sensitive to paranormal phenomena than others? Why do hauntings occur spontaneously in previously calm locations? The answer could be psychometry induced disturbances. We discuss the concepts of telluric transfer of hidden energies, ambient information fields and why you should never live downhill from a cemetery, rubbish dump or hospital. We consider some of the most unusual incidents of psychometry and hear tales of wild French energetic drug experiments from the mid 1800s. Then for our Plus+ members we take a look at the spiritual and folkloric aspects of masks and their secretive essences. We dive into tales of Norse Skinwalkers, shapeshifting berserkers and round it off with a story of artificially intelligent Nazi microwaves. Links Ghosts and the Weird World of the Stone Tape Theory The Strange Story of John Dee’s Magic Angel Crystal A Brief History of Psychometry Seeing without eyes Haunted Mirror Possessed by Ghost of Titanic Capta...

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