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Keep It Real With Khadija Podcast
115 min2020 JUN 8
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The Secret Of Great Leadership – with Stephen Kelly, ex-CEO of Sage


Stephen Kelly’s incredible journey through business has seen him head up some of the world’s most successful companies. As the ex-CEO of Sage, and Micro Focus International, Stephen has led some of the most powerful and influential businesses in history, and by doing so has changed the way we work and think.

Stephen joins Khadija today to discuss his fascinating business career, his philosophies on leadership, and the new governmental roles that have seen him contribute to the many ways in which UK businesses are now able to compete on an international level.

If you feel that you are the natural fit for a role in any company, then nothing is stopping you from doing your research, and writing directly to the CEO of that business in order to let them know. Obey the voice in your head and don’t be afraid to ask.
Honesty and straightforwardness are often misconstrued as outspokenness and aggression. Never be afraid of a reputation, as they’re often wrong.
There is no one-size-fits-all solution to the work/life balance. It is a question of organising priorities and deciding whether the sacrifices required are conducive to your life at that time.
One of the greatest things a leader can achieve is to ensure that our teams are encouraged to exceed their potential, and to be happy and comfortable with who they are.
Building a bond of trust with our customers is as simple as going that extra mile in order to make them feel valued. We must never underestimate the importance of the personal touch.


‘I’ve achieved more than I could ever have imagined’

‘What we need to do is be bolder and back ourselves, and be true to ourselves’

‘As a leader, you need to try and do the right thing every day, and support your people'

‘What strikes me about the great leaders is their humility and authenticity’

‘We want to make every single one of these amazing customers able to sleep well at night and know that they can trust us’


Keeping it Real with Khadija Podcast  

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