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The Mom Hour
58 minMAR 30
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The Spring We’ve All Been Waiting For: Episode 306


One year ago, springtime plans got canceled, Easter dinners and baby showers and birthday parties and all the rest vanished from our calendars one event after another. As we shake off winter and look at the spring of 2021, there’s something in the air. We know we’re not out of the pandemic woods, but there’s a feeling of optimism that was missing last year, and we’re leaning all the way into it. In Episode 306 Meagan and Sarah share spring memories from when our kids were little, favorite rituals and traditions that make the season special, and what specific springtime activities we’re embracing with extra gratitude this year in particular. Join us!

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Links we mentioned (or should have) in this episode:

Meagan’s new podcast, Mother of Reinvention, launched last week – check it out!

Sarah loved this podcast episode and called it “science-backed optimism”: Finally, a Covid Conversation You Can Feel Good About (The Ezra Kline Show)

Our 2019 episode about spring and Easter would pair nicely with this one! Spring Traditions & Spring Books For Kids: Episode 202

Sarah always falls back on this lamb cake tutorial when making theirs every year, and also has a highlight saved on her personal Instagram @powersofmine