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9min2022 APR 27
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We’re told so many rules about what success *should* look like, aren’t we? In this segment from a previous live event, I share what I believe (and know!) to be the true essence of success that will lead to effortless accomplishment. Prepare to feel inspired as I bring my dear client, Erika, up on stage to share her success story of going from 50K in debt, burnt out, running a gym out of her garage to earning her annual salary in just one month! By investing in herself and her dream (and changing her money mindset), she was able to completely transform her life without sacrificing sleep, time with loved ones, or her adrenals. Yes Queen, it’s possible! EPISODE RESOURCES Apply for my elite 6-month mastermind La Dolce Vita here Read Erika’s full story in the Divine Living Magazine here ADDITIONAL RESOURCES I’d love to hear your big takeaways! Screenshot this episode and tag me on Instagram at @ginadevee. Be sure to follow the Divine Living Podcast, leave a review, and tune in every week for new episodes. Purchase my book, The Audacity to be Queen, and receive the FREE companion e-course at https://www.divineliving.com/audacity Desire Queenhood + community at your fingertips? Download the Q Club app for access to my exclusive social network for women globally: https://www.divineliving.com/tryqclub

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