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Health Matters with Rosie Bank
25 min2018 MAY 30
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The We in Wellness – Podcast #17


#17 The "We" in Wellness
Interview with Dr. Gary Salyer
What do health and love have to do with each other?
What is the “We in Wellness?”

Learn from Love Expert, Dr. Gary Salyer (www.GarySalyer.com) as he shares enlightening information about how to nurture a loving relationship. (See below for Dr. Gary’s credentials.)

Here is what you will discover in this episode of Health Matters Podcast:

How taking care of you provides nourishment for your love relationship.
What is the third entity in a love relationship and how do you take care of this entity?
What are the risks of letting yourself get depleted, and how does this impact your love relationship?
What health risks are associated with conflict and contempt in your primary relationship?
What practical steps you can take to help your primary relationship flourish with health and vitality.
What is your GPS of feeling secure and loved? When we feel…

welcomed with joy
worthy of our needs and nourished
cherished and protected
empowered with choice

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At Gary's Website you can download Love Notes.

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Bio for Gary D. Salyer, Ph.D.

Dr. Gary D. Salyer is a master transformational relationship coach who helps people re-write the rules for love in their brains.  This allows amazing shifts to happen in a very short period of time so that people can have the extraordinary relationship they deserve.  Dr. Salyer speaks to a national audience as a featured expert and various celebrity TV and radio shows such as Hay House Radio.  His life purpose is to change ‘a generation’s fate with love.’

Dr. Gary is the creator of the Safe to Love Again Workshop and the Extraordinary Couples Retreat.  He is the author of the forthcoming book, Safe to Love Again: How to Release the Pain of Past Relationships and Create the Love You Deserve.   Dr. Gary offers a unique blend of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Bert Hellinger's "Family Systems" approach and Attachment Theory, the science of relationships.  For more information, go to www.garysalyer.com.