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40 min2020 JUN 23
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The Weather, Materialist Bias, Eric Weinstein’s DISC, UBI, Blockchains, Smart Contracts


Put your phone on airplane mode when you walk around at night, they might be tracking your movement.

Looking at my weather app, it says its mostly clear, yet it’s cloudy.

There is so much info about the weather, its like noise without any signal.

The weather app is rarely correct, it told me there would be thunderstorms two days in the week, and it never happened. Then the day the weather app said it was clear, that was the day that the huge thunderstorm happened.

Why is weather so common? Why is weather a thing? Weather is just guesses and probabilities.

News is just Noise, information is just noise.

Why is there so much noise in the system?

What is the purpose of the machine?

The materialist purpose of everything is to get more, that is kind of the meaning of life in ways.

I have questions that I have been asking myself for a long time, things about what is going on with reality, and how we have a material bias in our understanding of things.

The world we observe, isn’t the reality that exists. We tend to believe the illusion, but that isn’t an accurate representation of reality.

Was listening to Eric Weinstein DISC, its real, but it’s not so original, anywhere you go, you are going to experience what he is describing. He can only talk about it because he is right at the top, near the brim, but everyone else experience the same thing, they are just lower in the totem pole, so it’s not a big deal, or it’s not something you make a deal about.

The media is the old dog, they are going away, but people are seeing it, but the internet is where real information can be found, but you got to look for it.

Be careful about being online, the real world is so much better.

Phones take us away from reality.

The situation, look at the world around you, why are people protesting? One person got killed, cops kill people, it looked like murder, but it looked like a performance.

The conspiracy path, how many people get killed by cops everyday? So you could make a big deal about it almost everyday. There is a huge supply of bad behaviour, so it can be made a story whenever.

Black Lives Matter already has a following, it’s a system that is easy to get started.

Yes cops are racist, and they kill people, but look around at the world, it is collapsing.

Race issues are a symptom of a bigger problem, but the bigger problem is always ignored.

Racism or race is an easy way to create conflict, to get people mad at each other.

Education, crime, families breaking up, these are symptoms not the cause.

But even the cause, is something different, but then even that could be something else.

We have a system built around benefiting sociopaths, why do we even do that? Why don’t we stop it?

Maybe we could use blockchains to solve this problem, maybe we have smart contracts that sort out problems rather than relying on people being good.

Politics messes up everything, problems could be solved much easier if politics could be taken out of the equation.

If we used technology to solve our problems, and all the pyramid was set up that way, then we could solve the problems without falling into the politics trap.

Centralized systems are more likely to be corrupted or easier to be.

We should use smart contracts to organize everything rather than.

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