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School For The Dogs Podcast - Dog Training & Animal Behavior with Annie Grossman
8 min2020 OCT 16
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Three funny things and one terrible thing just happened


Alternative titles Annie thought of for this episode: 

-Toddlers are hilarious and death sucks

-And the dog dies in the end

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Partial Transcript:


So, I think I'm posting this as a bonus episode because I already have an episode ready to go for tomorrow.

But a couple of things happened in the last 24 hours I wanted to share three are silly and just funny. One isn't.

So like the first three things are all funny mom/dog training-related things.

My friend, Lori, sent me a text message, well she sent it to this mom group that I'm in on WhatsApp. She's been trying to wean him at night, wean him, so he won’t nurse at night.

Actually, her son is one day older than Magnolia.

So she wrote, Elliot is obsessed with morning and the sun because I told him we nurse in the morning when the sun comes up but not at night. So now, any old time, he says, “morning, sun, nursing, nursing.” And outside, he will suddenly point at this sky and say, “Sun, nursing, boobs.”

So he's making long speeches where the only recognizable words are “sun,” “boob,” “nursing, “morning.”

Just thought it was a funny example of classical conditioning, how he has this need to nurse now when he sees the sun. It’s kind of funny.

Oh then I was thinking about it, a lot of animals must associate signs of morning with, “hey, its time to eat,” “hey, mom- person, feed me.”

One of the other funny things have happened was I got a new like pop socket for my phone to hold on in the back and the pop socket thing comes on this piece of cardboard that's kind of like the size and shape of a phone, and she grabbed onto this thing, and has been using it as a phone for the last couple days. And one of the very first things she did was to hold it up to her toy dog as if she was showing her dog to someone.

And I sent it to Alix Kris, head of marketing, she wrote back, “dog momager in the making,” which I thought was pretty funny.

She doesn't have a lot of words yet but one word she does have is “shoes,” which she says, “oohg”. And she's always talking about “oohg”, and whenever we're on the phone with her with her grandparents or whoever, and we try and get her to say the words, her big word right now which is shoes. You know, we ask her to say it when she's doing Facetime so as she was holding up the phone to her toy dog, she was holding it in front of him and saying, “oohg, oohg.”

put it up on my Instagram and stories, made me laugh.

And then the other thing that made me laugh so hard and Jason wasn't around, it was just me so I couldn't even share it with anyone but I was like cracking up, it seemed so funny to me...

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