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Master Real Estate Investing
41 min2016 JUL 20
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Time and Financial Freedom: Expert Interview with Dr. David Phelps


Dr. David Phelps started his career as a Dentist. After his daughter's nearly fatal liver failure, Phelps decided to spend less time on business and more time with his family. In his search for time and financial freedom,Phelps foundReal Estate. This discovery led him to start theFreedom FoundersMastermind group that helps business owners create their own financial and time freedom through Real Estate. What you will learn in this Expert Interview Podcast: How David transitioned from a lucrative dental career into a life of financial and time freedom The # 1 book you need to read that has fueled his business Why David does what he does and how he gives back Why surrounding yourself with the best can lead to the best results How David helps business owners How to create victories from challenges that you have in your life and business To find out more about Dr. David Phelps and his program visit www.freedomfounders.com Ready to become the next Real Estate Prodigy? Go to www.GetMyProdi...