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Recruiting Future with Matt Alder
28 minAPR 8
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Trust & Accountability


Trust at work has been in the news a lot recently. Whether it's Zoom fatigue caused by too many pointless meetings, employers using software to spy on employees in their own homes or forced returns to the office, it is clear that our new world of work still doesn't sit comfortably with some employers. So how should we be thinking about trust at work now, and does rethinking our whole approach to accountability hold some of the answers on how we move forward? My guest this week is Carolyn Taylor, a global thought leader on corporate culture change. Carolyn has written a brilliant new book called Accountability@Work, which offers some very practical advice on building a scalable system of accountability that will help everyone who leads a team. In the interview, we discuss: Why culture really matters during the pandemic Types of trust: reliability, motivation and capability Empowerment and equality What is accountability Being counted on Mitigating risk Outcomes and learning experiences Inclusion and hybrid working Our relationship with technology Predictions on the future of work Listen to this podcast in Apple Podcasts.