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The Story Collider
28 minMAR 19
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Two Sides Mini-Series, Part 2: My Heroes


This week's episode is part two of a special three-part mini-series centered around stories about mental health, told from two different perspectives. This mini-series is guest hosted and produced by Story Collider senior producer Misha Gajewski. In this episode, both stories are from the same storyteller, EMT and special service teacher Jenice Matias, and they show just how life altering one diagnosis can be.
Part 1: Jenice Matias wakes up in a psychiatric ward with no recollection of how she got there.
Part 2: While coming to terms with her diagnosis, Jenice Matias finds a new appreciation for her life.
As always, find photos and transcripts for all of our stories at storycollider.org.
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