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5 min2020 NOV 7
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UK Lockdown, the Importance of Seller Fulfilled Prime & Amazon Sweden | Global E-Commerce Experts - E-Commerce Corner


You might notice a slight difference in the production of today's, and the next month's, Content Corners as the UK is now in its second lockdown. This just happens to be one of the topics Andy covers in this little e-commerce update.

He touches on the fact that with this Lockdown going up until early December and potentially beyond, people are starting to realise they may be unable to get their loved ones Christmas gifts in retail stores and instead are going to have to turn to e-commerce, much like they did in Spring.

This however, does mean you may run out of stock sooner than you thought - especially if Amazon lock their doors to essential items as they did prior. In this case, having Seller Fulfilled Prime at a 3PL centre is a necessity, making you able to pivot to FBM and continue selling with no interruptions.

As well as this he touches on the fact the Amazon Sweden marketplace is no longer redirecting to Germany, and in fact, has officially launched its own marketplace, Make sure you expand your offers here as it's now another opportunity to get your products in front of more people in a new country.

Check out the full video now to get some valuable information that can be crucial in aiding your expansion into the UK and EU!