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1h 7min2020 SEP 1
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In this Conversations With Healers episode, my guest is Veda Austin,New Zealand water researcher, author, artist, and mother of three. Veda has a fascinating self-healing story which led to her discovery of healing properties of water and started her journey of looking deeper into water structures. Her understanding and relationship with water extend beyond seeing water as a research subject, and more into a mutually respectful, loving, co-creative relationship. I found her thoughts and insights on water deeply inspiring. This is a conversation you may want to watch instead of just listen since we are sharing some of the amazing research photos taken by Veda. During the conversation, we experienced a few glitches of internet connectivity, please stay patient and keep watching, you don't want to miss any of this conversation! We talked about: Veda's story of self-healing and how she discovered the healing benefits of alkaline, structured, spring water and began to see water as a conscious being, Her recent book The Secret Intelligence of Water and how she began to have co-creative conversations with water leading into amazing photos of how water responds to art, photos, words, objects, thoughts, emotions, and distance healing, The importance of starting a loving relationship with water and seeing it as a conscious being, What she views as water's main healing message to us, How our thoughts and words can create more structured (hexagonal) shapes in the water, How you can begin to physically restructure the water you drink, your body, what you eat, etc., The significance of taking Epsom salt baths and swimming in the ocean for purification and healing, and how she thinks we can make our salt baths even more potent, And much more. My favorite healing nugget from Veda is "I think the most important place to start is to build a relationship with water. Until you recognize that you are a water being and there is a force beyond anyone's imagination living within you that is giving you life, it is very difficult to truly embrace what you are about to drink or what you really are. The relationship with water must begin with love." You can find out more about Veda and her work ather website, on Facebook, and on Instagram. I highly recommend that you get her online book The Secret Intelligence of Water. If this conversation touched you in any way, inspired you or spoke to you, please share it.You can share it in a conversation, post about it on Facebook or Instagram, or email or text it to your friends and family. We truly appreciate your support in spreading the love and light that we hope to create with these conversations. Listen to other episodes here. Take this quiz to determine what your energetic wounds are and how they show up in your life. Subscribe here for future episodes and to receive a mini-email course to help you learn more about your energetic wounds. With love and light, Damla (Photo Credit for Damla: Eye Sugar Photography) WATCH HERE: LISTEN HERE:

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