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Level Design Podcast
42 minFEB 2
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We’ve gotten lazy. What we can do moving forward.


Most of our modern human conveniences are designed and produced by a community of brilliant but unseen professionals, and the public doesn’t know it. Why?

Join Scott Zurn and co-host Murray McBride as they discuss their professional backgrounds and why communication and trust are imperative to understanding our failing infrastructures, and how the A&E community can lead the way in solving our global issue.

We welcome the new year with a new, revamped and reborn, Level Design Podcast. We’ve got a lot in store for the year including special guests, a new co-host, top-notch podcasting equipment, and a team to help us get this message to as many design professionals as possible.

In this episode:

  • We introduce Murray, our new co-host

  • We discuss the state of Engineers and Architects

  • We discuss the state of infrastructure and the public

  • We talk about the best path forward as a country and as a design pro

  • We talk about what’s changed since COVID-19

  • We cover taking risks and making mistakes in our field

  • We talk about why many are losing motivation to go into Architecture or Engineering