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Dogs Are Smarter Than People via Anchor
23 minMAR 3
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In the random thoughts part of the podcast we talk about Big Foot, wedgies and how you can tell when predators are looking at you. THREE BIG STEPS TO LEARN HOW TO WRITE GOOD STUFF There’s a lot of people out there who say that if you write every day you’ll become a better writer and that’s true … sort of. You also need the basics. If you write every day, but you don’t learn about writing every day then you don’t get to improve. You just write. And that’s not good enough. Learning how to write has to do with a few things. And the first step is to know what you want to write. FIGURE OUT WHAT YOU’RE INTO Writing an epic fantasy isn’t the same as writing ad copy and that’s not the same as writing poetry. Pick something. It doesn’t have to be your only style, but pick one way first. LEARN THE TOOLS Now here’s the fun part. The learning. How do you learn how to write? Enroll in courses. Read things like what you want to write. Watch blogs, listen to podcasts, and read books about craft. Talk to other writers who do what you do. They might have cool resources too. Hire a writing coach or editor who loves helping people and not just loves making money. GO FOR THE GRAMMAR Yeah. Yeah. We know. Periods aren’t sexy. Most people don’t get turned on by scene structure, but you should! If your story is awesome, but there is no punctuation or grammar or even sentences? You’re not going to be understandable to your potential readers. They are just going to stop reading. Places to Check Get Your Sexy Grammar On Grammar Girl Merriam Webster Dictionary Strunk and White’s, The Elements of Style. WRITING TIP OF THE POD To be the best writer you can be, you need to spend time learning. DOG TIP FOR LIFE Dogs don’t give other dogs wedgies. We aren’t dogs, we have to take the time to communicate. HELP US AND DO AN AWESOME GOOD DEED Thanks to all of you who keep listening to our weirdness on the DOGS ARE SMARTER THAN PEOPLE podcast and our new LOVING THE STRANGE podcast. We’re sorry we laugh so much… sort of. Please share it and subscribe ifyou can.Please rate and like us if you are feeling kind, because it matters somehow. There’s a new episode every Tuesday! Thanks so much for being one of the 256,000 downloads if you’ve given us a listen! SHOUT OUT! The music we’ve clipped and shortened in this podcast is awesome and is made available through the Creative Commons License. Here’s a link to that and the artist’s website.Who is this artist and what is this song? It’s “Summer Spliff” by Broke For Free. And we have a new podcast, LOVING THE STRANGE, which we stream live on Carrie’s Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn on Fridays. Her Facebook and Twitter handles are all carriejonesbooks or carriejonesbook. Here’s the link. This week’s podcast is all about loving places and feeling called to them when you have never been there before. If you like what you read, please heart it below or share it, it means the world to this writer. x0- Carrie --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/carriejonesbooks/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/carriejonesbooks/support