Self Care Simplified
46min2022 APR 26
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I need you to buckle up, because we are going to tackle a LOT of mindset struggles that you’ve been having about your self-care lately. We’re talking about the comparison game, tying all of your success to a number, waiting for all of your ducks to be in a row before taking action, and discovering what’s actually sustainable and life giving for you to do everyday. Today, you’re getting to meet my dear friend Krista Treadway. She’s a homeschooling mom that fiercely loves Jesus and her family, and has experienced her fair share of struggles with that comparison game, prioritizing her body and showing up to take care of it consistently. She’s also going to reveal her extremely powerful secret to what keeps her going on the days when she doesn’t want to show up. And it’s a trick that you probably need, too! This is SUCH a good conversation that you’re going to have to put on repeat. Let’s dive in! More Resources Take the FREE Body Type Quiz now! Follow Megan on Instagram

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