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26 min2016 SEP 9
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What is EmDrive? Space May Never Be the Same Again


What is the #Emdrive? How is it going to change the way we send Satellites up in space? I also talk about the changes to Morning Geeks and the super secret project coming up. Are you ready to Geek Out?

Check out the Pesky Pizza Pirate Doodle Adventure:

Morning Geeks! Episode 19 Show Notes

– The Theoretical Grease Conundrum

– Apple iPhone 7 – Ditching the Headphone Jack

My Choice for headphones from Jabra

– Super Mario is on iOS

– Happy 50th anniversary to Star Trek

– Facebook Trek Emojis

– Freddy Mercury gets a Star

– New Ps4 Pro and PS4 Slim

– Josh Brolin as Thanos

– Majel Barrett’s Voice will go on

– James Cameron outlines how Avatar will go on

**New to This Week**

– The Wild Life

– The Walking Dead Season 7 Teaser

30th anniversary of Aliens

– Underworld: Blood Lines

Aquarius Season 2 on DVD