Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul
50min2022 APR 26
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Wendy Weiss is the president at Salesology. And a leading expert on proactive outbound prospecting. In our conversation today we talk about what has changed in sales, and buying, as a result of the pandemic. And what that means in terms of the sales strategies that need to be employed to connect with potential buyers. Wedig into how human communication, in general, has been impacted by the pandemic. And what impact that has on how salespeople communicate with buyers. Plus, we explore the reasons why, since work has blended in so many instances with “real life,” it’s possible to see and be seen more authentically. More on Andy: Connect on LinkedIn Get Andy's new book "Sell Without Selling Out" on Amazon Learn more at Sponsored by: | Unlock exponential growth with an AI-powered RevOps platform | Scratchpad | The fastest way to update Salesforce, take sales notes, and stay on top of to-dos | Explore the Podcast Universe: Sales Enablement Podcast RevOps Podcast Selling with Purpose Podcast

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