21min2022 APR 25
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I know we have all been in a place where we just feel like nothing is going as planned and often times it can be something so small but what about those major life decisions that may not seem to be going as planned? Today I dive into my own personal experience of how GOD has interrupted my plans and how I am surrendering to his will and plan. Being submissive to GOD can be hard especially when ignoring and being disobedient is so much easier but doing that is fatal to our purpose and destiny. Are you being submissive to GOD's will or are you being disobedient? Connect with me on Social Media Add & tag me on Instagram: @twistedtewentiespodcast @iam.tlouise Check out the Twisted Twenties Website Feel free to send me emails for advice, encouragement, or episode suggestions --- Send in a voice message:

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